"post human"

Redondo Vocábulo

A Tribute to José "Zeca" Afonso

"The social world of music does not appeal to me greatly, as I'm not seduced
by the stage and all those sort of structures that fit the song. The thing that
seduces me is what I can do about the music..."

"I always said that music is compromised when the musician, as a citizen, is a
committed man. It's not the product that comes from the singer which sets the
commitment but all the circumstances surrounding it with the historical and political
moment they live in and the people whom are close to him and with whom he sings."

"People are contaminated with a taste that is provided to them, imposed on them,
that is actually fixated on the preferences of the majority. It becomes urgent to
react, to contribute to a cleansing of taste."

Redondo Vocábulo

José “Zeca” Afonso, notable figure of the Portuguese protest music, who combined the brilliant popular music and traditional themes with the word of protest, that in life refused fascism, social trends, the accommodation and the easy life, left us on 23 February 1987.
Despite his absence, he presented us with a vast musical and poetic legacy, which characterized and influenced a generation.

Era um redondo vocábulo

It brings together, at a time, the best of José Afonso and his time: deconstructed poetry, the remarkable arrangements ranging from Coimbra to Angola and back, passing through Lisbon time and time again, the absolutely impeccable composition of an environment in a landscape where we land for some seconds, and then stay for minutes. There, we stay until the end. The song is round, as round as the word (vocábulo) – and the genius is there. For it is here.

Pedro Rolo Duarte

Sullen – Redondo Vocábulo

On a personal level, the poetry and theme of the musical piece “Era um Redondo vocábulo” inspired us to conceive this tribute to the musician, taking his original vocal melody transposed and properly adapted to our approach, hoping to preserve the full depth of the original version.


With this we hope that you all enjoy this moment as much as we loved conceiving it, and that somehow it could sustain itself as another source of reference and preservation of the legacy of a great human being.


This song is available for you to listen on our official SoundCloud page – click here to access it.

Redondo Vocábulo

This song will be part of our debut album “post human”, available for pre-order on January, 12th.

More about José Afonso

For more information about José “Zeca” Afonso´s life and work, we recommend visiting the Wikipedia page.

” But what is needed is to create unrest. When we start looking for alibis to justify our conformity, then it’s all screwed! And when that happens to me, I will even thank my friends if they call my attention and criticize me.

I think, above all, that we need to agitate, not sit still, have courage, either it being music or politics. And in this country we are so little brave that, at any day, we will be reduced to the status of “little men” and “little women”. We are to be people, damn!”

José Afonso 1985