Awake, chanting glare
Torn apart a mirror of unclear sights
A deceiver of grief, enchanter of clay
Regretting a soulless beginning

“Sooner than later
A broken path will share your way
Scorning the answers
That once beholded an unclear path”

Regulating endeavor
Bystanding caress for the unsettled grief
We know how it became forsaken
Deluded by the creation

Senses burning inside
A flesh-eating plague
“Rise now,
Neglecting the frames of delusion
A clear call for removal
To provide us a voice…”

And so we shout
Resurrect inner demons
Take part in this endless repression
Erasing all the resentments
Of mirthless perspectives…
A perfect disaster

Obsessive call for answers
Fades out in repentance
We awake in a lingering path
Rising from the dirt…

Broken Path

From our debut album “post human” this is the advance song Broken Path, available for free listen and download.


Released in 2014


You can find this track in our album “post human”. Track 02


Produced by Sullen

Recorded @ Sullen’s recording studio – Penafiel
Mixed and Mastered by Ultrasoundstudios – Braga